Our Story

How the first Sri Lankan restaurant in Croatia was envisioned, created and how it became successful

Like many great stories, the story of Curry Bowl started late one night, on a bench and with few extra beers. Two Sri Lankan guys were sitting there, contemplating life and what to eat. You know, the usual. Now, if they were home, in Sri Lanka, they would know what to do - find the nearest place that serves kothu and enjoy the tasty, savoury dish that feels so good after a night out.

But they were in Europe, thousands of miles far from the nice, warm kothu. “We shall be hungry no more”, they decided then and there, and the rest is… well, the Curry Bowl restaurants.

Those two Sri Lankan guys are not just random guys. First, they are brothers - Brian and Clement. Second, they were very, very successful managers back home in Sri Lanka. In fact, they were so successful that both of them got national awards for their skills in management. Of course, only one of them had some experience in restaurant business, and they aren’t chefs. But they were determined. And that is what matters.

So, in late 2015 they opened Curry Bowl, the first Sri Lankan restaurant not just in Zagreb, but in the whole of Croatia. And it became a hit. Next spring the Curry Bowl stand was present at major Zagreb festivals, always attracting crowds. Why? Because Sri Lankan food is great to eat, but it is also fun to watch it being prepared (one word: kothu). The following year Curry Bowl was opened on Obonjan island, one of the favourite Croatian islands for music festivals. And the Curry Bowl in Zagreb became one of the top Zagreb restaurants on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Being from Sri Lanka, Brian and Clement knew where to get the best, organic and fair-trade spices that are handpicked just for Curry Bowl. And being locals in Zagreb, they knew where to find the freshest vegetables. But something was missing. Until, finally, in 2018, Brian and Clement started importing Lion, the most popular Sri Lankan beer, that goes perfectly with curry and kothu. Remember the beginning of this story? Yes, it started with beer : )

Our Mission

We are all about the experience – good food served by great people in an entertaining atmosphere

Our Vision

To be the leading restaurant offering south Asian cousins in Croatia

Our Value Statement

We're committed to OUR TEAM

We understand the connection between the positive energy of an employee and satisfied customer. Investing in our strongest asset, our TEAM has been our success. Our daily goal is to have a happy team serving happy customers. We strive to provide our employees industry leading working conditions and trainings.

We're committed to OUR FOOD

We understand good ingredients have a direct impact on taste, our key spices are sourced directly from organic farms from Sri Lanka to our kitchens in Croatia. At the same time most of our fresh vegetables are bought at the green market daily. We boldly prepare orders in an open kitchen in front of our guests.

We're committed to OUR ENVIRONMENT

We understand the importance of our ethical business practices that has led to a culture of positive energy, which we strive to drive from our supplier to our customer.








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