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When you eat at Curry Bowl it is not just the food you enjoy that brings you back. Yes, Sri Lankan cuisine is tasty, but the whole Curry Bowl experience is made of our food, our team and our atmosphere.

Our food is fresh and flavourful! You know it’s fresh: it is prepared right in front of your eyes in our open kitchen. And you know it’s flavourful: spices come directly from Sri Lanka, and vegetables come from the nearby farmer’s market. Our team is young and energetic, yet professional. They will serve you fast, they will serve you with a smile and they will leave you smiling.

Our atmosphere is fun and vibrant – we are located in Tkalčićeva street, one of the most popular streets in Zagreb, filled with cafés and restaurants, where locals rub shoulders with tourists. Our restaurant and terrace are filled with the laughter of happy people sharing a great meal with their friends. Truly a place where you can relax and enjoy life accompanied by great food.

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What makes Curry Bowl special

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Fresh Vegetables

Most of our vegetables come from the market on Dolac, where farmers from Zagreb’s surroundings offer their best and freshest fruit and vegetables.

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Spicy Sacues

In Curry Bowl you can choose the level of spiciness of your food when ordering. But if you need a bit of an extra kick, we have a selection of spicy sauces specially made for Curry Bowl.

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Open Kitchen

The food is prepared right before your eyes. And it is a feast for your eyes, your nose, and your ears. Yes, your ears. Trust us, you will never forget the wonderful sound of making kothu.

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Friendly Staff

We love our job and we have fun doing it. We strike conversations with our customers, we make them laugh, we dance around the tables, we are known to bring freebies…

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Organic Farms

Sri Lankan cuisine is all about spices. And we get our spices directly from Greenfield Bio Plantations, a Sri Lankan organic and fair-trade producer, so our spices are as good as they get.

Srilankan Curry Bowl

Sri Lankan Chefs

Exploring the food means exploring the culture. And who better to introduce you to Sri Lankan food and culture than true Sri Lankan chefs? They know what good curry is, they were raised on it. And they will give you the same, authentic experience.

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